Wednesday, 15 February 2012

South Bank in the Snow

Last Sunday my Dad, my friend Sam and I went on a walk along the South Bank from Tower Bridge to Greenwich. The internet said it was a 10 mile walk but it lied and in the end it was only around 5 miles. I didn't mind too much about this after the beer and whisky concoction and 5am treck home in the snow the night before. It was a very pleasant walk and apparently great for a hangover, never again shall I wallow in self pity and alcohol sweats (how delightful). As a group we concluded that the best thing about the walk was the amount of unexpected nice things you discover. In London you often find yourself in a rush to get from one place to the next and tend to miss a lot of your surroundings, more days like this are on the cards I feel. The expedition was rounded off with a firework display on the river in Greenwich to celebrate the town becoming a Royal Borough. I didn't get to see any fireworks on bonfire night so I really enjoyed this part, especially getting to watch them from the comfort of a warm pub out of the window. My Dad has planned a 30 mile walk for the end of March along the river which I have decided to do, I think I might need to do some training before then...

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