Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A new home

My first two years blogging have been on and off at best. I started back in February 2010 (that's not even two years yet, time seems to have gone by so slowly...) When I read back to things I wrote in the beginning I seem almost unrecognisable. People say your teenage years, full of hormones and distress, are the hardest but the 'settling period' of my early 20's has proven to be just as troublesome. I always thought the notion of 'finding yourself' at university didn't apply to me but I have grown and developed as a person more in the past two and a half years than I ever had before so I suppose there must be some substance to the theory. I stepped into the new year with the familiar urge to start blogging again but I felt like I needed a new place to do it. A fresh start with a more optimistic outlook. I hope this new venture will reflect me better than the previous attempt. I intend to blog more about things that I do with more personal photos so I can look back this time next year and see an overview of my year more clearly. There will obviously still be the occasional inspiration post and the odd nice song here and there. Whatever the subject may be I hope to write more often and more freely this year and I'm really excited to see where it takes me. Goodbye 'The Wrote and The Writ', it's been emotional.

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